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Qatar Airways

They were top ranked in terms of providing very efficient in flight service, having the most generous leg room, flying with a perfect flight safety record (in addition, Qatar Airways became the first airlines ever in 2003 to pass IATA’ IOSA safety audit), having a high percentage of on-time arrivals, offering first class amenities, luxuries, and extreme cleanliness, and possessing one of the youngest and most modern aircraft fleet, with all aircraft being on average two years old.

Qatar airlines
An extensive expansion is underway as well, with current orders for more than 200 aircraft; during 2007, Qatar Airways ordered 80 Airbus A350s, together with 60 Boeing 787s and 32 Boeing 777s, and has ordered five of the twin-deck Airbus A380 'super jumbos' for delivery for 2010. The airline will double its aircraft fleet to 110 by the year of 2013 . In addition, the cabin crew has been named the best crew in the Middle East by Skytrax as well.

This airline’s flights are concentrated in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Africa regions, with few flights to the US, and no flights to South America, Canada, Mexico, or Australia; it has over 80 international destination including New Delhi, Dubai, Riyadh, Istanbul, Cairo, Singapore, Beijing, Osaka, Paris, London, Madrid, Geneva, Moscow, and more. All of the above have combined to make this one of the safest, most modern, one of the most luxurious, and most efficient airlines in the world today.

Its economy class features fine dining and cuisine that is similar to that which is offered in both business and first class, with Middle Eastern cuisine being the theme; the menu will feature meals with cuisine from both the destination city as well as international cuisine. All seats are roomy and comfortable (although they do not recline fully), have good leg room, and come equipped with their own tvs and entertainment systems; the economy class is known for being especially roomy and airy, giving it a much less cramped and crowded feeling overall. (It should be noted that if possible one should avoid booking a window seat in economy class, as these come with unusually large and cumbersome boxes for the entertainment systems for these particular seats that reduce the seat and leg space by at least 50%, and are known to create an uncomfortable and cramped flight experience).

They offer one of the widest selection of movies (over 600), cds, and channels in conjunction with its entertainment systems as well. In addition to the usual amenities, free alcoholic beverages, free filled backpacks filled with goods given to kids, and an immediate response whenever help button is pressed are also offered. Its business class offers seats that recline to 160 degrees and come with their own large tvs and entertainment systems; in addition to the amenities offered in economy class, this class also offers a foot massage bar, and cuisine that often rivals that of first class, served with full silverware an china. One example of a menu option that is offered on a number of routes includes a traditional Arabic mezze Selection of Hummus, Babaganoush, Tabouleh, and Spinach fatayer , a s easonal salad served with balsamic vinaigrette dressing, an entrée of grilled king prawns with sauce provencal accompanied with snow peas, cauliflower with tarragon butter, rice , an international selection of cheeses served with crudités, tiramisu with vanilla sauce, Godiva chocolates, and drink.

Another menu option consists of honey and vanilla yogurt appetizer, seasonal fresh fruits, fluffy spanish omelette served with grilled tomato, stuffed mushrooms with feta cheese, hash browns, chicken sausages, and a selection of fresh toast, croissant, or danish pastry. (Note that these are only two of the many menus which they offer.) Passengers traveling in First Class will have access to the onboard signature First Class Lounge as well as first rate entertainment systems, renown world class cuisine, and a 180 degree flatbed. A sample menu includes a s ymphony of gourmet cold Arabic mezze with a traditional selection of hummus, makdoush, tabouleh and moutabel arranged with fresh garnishes , an entrée of chicken tikka masala served with vegetable jalfrezi and saffron rice ,an international selection of cheeses, and a lemon meringue tart. Upon arrival and departure first class passengers are chauffered directly to the plane in a bmw; the lounges which they have access to will have free showers, bathrooms, buffet spreads, private bedrooms in some instances, spas, and complete business facilities. In short, Qatar Airlines offers one of the ultimate luxurious flight experiences and has rightly earned its reputation as the world’s five star airline.


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