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Rafting on the Futaleufu River

The most exciting water sport in Patagonia in Chile is whitewater rafting on the spectacular Futaleufu River. You can start the daring sport from the Futaleufu Adventure Centre, which is dedicated to helping visitors have adventurous fun with the waters. Even if you have already rafted before, you discover a whole new and different experience rafting on the Futaleufu River. The intriguing river has been named the greatest whitewater rafting spot on earth.

At Futaleufu Adventure Centre also provides the best in white water rafting holidays as well as many activities for visitors when not whitewater rafting. There are fabulous lodges you can stay in and be ready for a thrilling experience when you take on these exciting waters. There are also a number of fascinating ecosystems can be discovered in this natural and unspoiled valley that makes the whole tour all the more enjoyable.

The Futaleufu offers a relatively short run for whitewater rafting, but the water is powerful and intense. The river runs for 44 kilometres from top to bottom. This river is the prime water source for Lago Yelcho. Starting from the Argentina border, Futaleufu flows through Los Alerces National park and finishes its journey in Chile. Rafting starts with the lower stretch where the river is most friendly. As you proceed to in your raft, you will face challenges from the river. Depending on the skills of your team, you can move on to the more difficult sections of the Futaleufu River.

When it comes to a thrilling whitewater rafting experience, you will find a great opportunity to have fun rafting in Futaleufu. This region is a favorite destination for adventurous travelers from around the world. To enjoy the rafting experience to the fullest extent, you need to an experienced rafter. There are a lot of surprises and hidden adventures that await you during your rafting trip. If you are a novice rafter, you can have a thrilling vacation in Chile on the Futaleufu River. Be aware that it is important to be realistic about your skills and stick to your competence level, as the river can be really ferocious.

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