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Railway tour in Scotland

Aside from the publicly run trains, there are companies that manage fully functional railway tours and there are luxury options on the trains. The upgrade to this options means you get excellent customer service, stops at places of note and also get guided tours of castles and other sights of importance.

If you are an avid explorer, then you may choose a railway holiday in Scotland encompassing travel on several different trains to take you to the untouched areas of this beautiful country. One popular option is a heritage train journey and most of the tours start from Edinburgh . From here it is possible to use the train service to access even some of the most far flung parts of the Scottish Highlands. There is public transport to the villages and distilleries through the highlands and a popular option are the steam trains such as the Kyle Line, which will take you all the way to the Cullen Mountains.

The train offers passengers spectacular views of the West Highlands and you can go as far as the Isle of Skye . Hiking is a popular pastime, so making use of the trains is an ideal means to get to the best hiking trails and locations easily and at a reasonable price. There are a number of options for travellers to get deals on UK rail travel, so take advantage of these and you will be on a winner with your Scottish adventure.


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