Red light District, Amsterdam

Located in the oldest part of the city of Amsterdam , the red light district is in an area called De Wallen. The district is not huge, but sizeable, covering an area of 6,500 square metres and is a popular tourist attraction.

Red Light district, Amsterdam

Around a quarter of all visitors to Amsterdam enter the red light district, but for most visitors it's just to have a look! The district includes several streets and crosses over several canals, but the main action is contained within the smaller alleyways off these streets where there are about 300 very small single roomed premises. At the front of these premises you'll usually find a prostitute in the window showcasing themselves so that you can see what's on offer and more often than not there will be a red light glowing! The prostitutes are not nude, but even so, the first time you start walking past them is a unique experience!



Although Amsterdam 's red light district attracts many tourists, the economy of the area is actually in decline as there are too many people looking but not enough buying. However, prostitution, when sold in this way, is completely legal in the Netherlands , so if you did want to do more than just look you wouldn't have to worry about breaking any laws.

Red Light District

Visitors interested in finding out more about prostitution may also like to visit the Sexmuseum, a large and impressive museum which features sex art and sex history, though it should be remembered that there's more to Amsterdam than sex and the red light district!

So how about visiting The Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum instead?!!

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a large and busy airport with flights coming from around the world, and is well connected to the city by train, which takes about 15 minutes.


Red Light District

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