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Rocky Mountains

This train ride is considered to capture the spirit of the North American frontier along the rugged Rocky Mountains, and is believed to be one of the most spectacular train rides on the entire continent; with scenery rivaling that of many of its national parks, the majestic and rugged views are said to be so awe-inspiring, with so much that should not be missed, that the train ride has been designed to take place only in daylight hours (passengers stay overnight in hotels and after disembarking each evening) so that not a bit of the amazing backdrop is missed or passed by.

Add wildlife unique to this region that will be seen along this journey include bighorn sheep, bear, moose, elk and deer, and one can be assured of having a magnificent scenic view of this mountain region as well. Viewing all of this from the comfort of beautifully restored vintage carriages, one will simultaneously experience a sense of luxury, adventure, and romance as one travels through this wild and untamed region amidst a cozy and catered setting. The Rocky Mountaineer runs between the cities of either Vancouver or Whistler in British Columbia and the destinations of either Jasper, Banff, or Calgary, depending on the route taken; with all of the above, it is no wonder that this is one of the top ten train rides in the world today.

Once on board this train one may choose from two levels of service offered (each with their own unique price levels as well), the Red Leaf Service, which offers adequate but basic service and amenities, and the Gold Leaf Service, which is the most luxurious that they have t o offer. Passengers who choose Gold Leaf Service will be provided with coaches that have floor to mid-ceiling windows, comparable to an all glass sitting room, that offer panoramic views, a full galley kitchen, and gourmet cuisine served with white linen, heavy silverware, and waiters. Both classes offer an on-board commentary to ensure that one does not overlook any part of the scenery and also has an informed and guided tour of the natural attractions as well.

Traveling east from British Columbia, all Rocky Mountaineer train routes on the first day will pass the Monashee Mountains, the lush fields of the Fraser River Valley, Hell’s Gate in the Fraser Canyon, canyons among the peaks of the Cascade Mountains, and cross the North Thompson River. It will pass the Kamloops Lake and head towards the city of Kamloops, where all passengers will disembark and spend the night. On the second day, the majestic Canadian Rockies finally come into view, providing some of the most spectacular scenery of the journey; the passengers will view Mt. Robson, the highest peak of the Canadian Rockies at 13000 feet, the peaks of the Continental divide, and Pyramid Falls. Depending on whether or not the route is headed towards the destinations of Jasper or Banff, the route will cross portions of Jasper National Park and head towards the resort town of Jasper, or climb over Rogers Pass, cross the Kicking Horse Canyon, and pass through the Spiral Tunnels before ending up in Banff. This train ride has been said by many to be the best way to see the Rockies, as one will not be able to drive this high into the mountains that easily, nor experience its majesty in a way that is nearly as comfortable or unencumbered as this. This tour of the natural wonders of the majestic Canadian Rocky mountains is one that will create memories of a lifetime.


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