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Romania is a country full of seductive and mysterious landscapes. From the coast of the Black Sea, to the Carpathian Mountains, and the Transylvania countryside. Let the scenery capture your imagination. Throw in a few majestic castles, Dracula and some medieval towns, and you're sure to find much of interest. Romania is the largest of the Balkan countries and is situated in south eastern Europe. It borders the Black Sea between Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Romania travel

Bucharest is the capital city and is a place full of museums, galleries and churches. Some of the city's main attractions are the Palatul Parlamentului (Parliament Palace). It was begun in 1984 when Ceausescu was in charge. It was intended to hold the Communist Party's offices, but is now the home of the country's Parliament. It's the third biggest building in the world. The Muzeul Taranului Roman (Romanian Peasant Museum) houses a mix of traditional and religious craftwork, made by peasants. The former Royal Palace and the National Art Museum that it houses are both also worth a visit.

Transylvania is the Romanian province situated inside the Carpathian Mountains. Thanks to the mythology of Count Dracula the area is perceived to be mysterious and spooky. However, in reality what awaits the tourist are sparkling streams, health spas, rolling countryside and charming medieval towns. And then there is the castle, Bran Castle, which is believed to have been the home of Prince Vlad Tepes, who inspired Dracula's legend.

A good way of seeing some of Romania is via a cruise down the Danube River. These usually take in several European countries, and in Romania, Bucharest and Constanta tend to be stop-offs.

An easy county to get to by air, rail or road. Most flights arrive at Bucharest's Otopeni international airport and a superb rail network links the country to Western Europe and Russia. To get around inside the country there are many scheduled domestic flights and an excellent rail network. Many roads are in poor condition, but most towns have good public transport systems, with buses and trams in operation.

Romania has a temperate climate. Spring and summer are the wettest seasons, but rain can be expected throughout the year. Bucharest experiences hot summers and cold winters.

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