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Rovos Rail runs a panoramic tour through the African countries of South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Tanzania, it will pass a number of spectacular sites and make a number of exotic excursions along its route, some of which include a tour and stay in Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, the mighty Zambezi River in Zambia, a two day safari in Kruger National Park, a tour to the mighty Kundalila Falls, and many more.

Although this fourteen day tour only runs three times a year in July, August, and September, it is nonetheless one of the most popular train rides in the world, with reservations necessary far in advance; as such, trip cancellation insurance is strongly advised. Touring some of the most exotic and spectacular scenery in the world, one will view all of this from the comfort of beautifully restored carriages with private full bathrooms and showers in all sleeper compartments (and, in the most deluxe level of sleeper compartments, called suites on this railway, a separate Victorian bath and shower as well), lounges with fine wood paneling, exquisite pillars, and thick leather chairs and sofas, gourmet food, and overall some of most comfortable and luxurious surroundings of any train in the world. This is a one of a kind journey of a lifetime, and an experience that will be etched in one’s memory for years to come.

Beginning this epic train ride in the city of Cape Town, South Africa, one will visit the first of many unique, original, and splendid sites that are scattered throughout this tour. On the first day one will journey to the town of Matjiesfontein, famous for being an exact replica of a Victorian village here, and replete with historic buildings and museums, for a disembarked afternoon tour of this quaint town. During the next fourteen days some of the sites and excursions that one can expect to make will include the following. After visiting Matjiesfontein, the train route will then head next to the city of Kimberley, South Africa, known for its diamond industries and attractions, where one will disembark for a tour of this city’s Diamond Museum and famous Big Hole, the world’s largest man-made mine. Back aboard, the next tour along this journey will consist of a two night stay at a game lodge near Kruger National Park, followed by one and a half days on board the Rovos train, during which you will pass through the spectacular country of Zimbabwe and views its terrain and wildlife. A subsequent two day visit and tour of mighty and spectacular Victoria Falls, which includes a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River and a full day of exploration of this famed sight will follow; the last tour of this journey will be a one day tour of the awesome Kundalila Falls in Zambia. Before reaching the final destination city of Dar es Salaam, one will also pass through the extraordinary Rift Valley and the magnificent pass to Mlimba, providing some of the most awe-inspiring scenery viewed from the train of the entire trip. This spectacular, dizzying, and thrilling ride throughout these five African countries will take one’s breath away for sheer number and splendor of sites visited, and provide one of the most exciting as well as luxurious tours of the African continent that one can take today.


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