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Saint Lucia tours and sightseeing

Saint Lucia is a Caribbean island situated at the border of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Saint Lucia travel

Historically Saint Lucia has come under control of both the British and French at such a frequency that it was nicknamed Helen of the West Indies. The nickname coming from the term Helen of Troy. Saint Lucia is a volcanic island which has a land mass of 616 Square Kilometers and a native population of 154,020 people mainly of African origin.

Saint Lucia is not a regular tourist destination and its economy is dependant upon its Banana industry which is fuelled by the rich volcanic soil. Of the visitors to Saint Lucia the majority are travelers on business trips who take advantage of the flexible taxation structures that the island provides. In 2000 Saint Lucia was designated an unfair tax haven by the OECD and requested to provide guidelines as to reducing the tax haven status it has been accorded.

Saint Lucia tour

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