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San Marino Travel

With rich history and breath-taking attractions, San Marino provides the perfect setting for a relaxing get-away. The nation was originally founded as a haven for persecuted Christians during the rule of Diocletian by a stonecutter named Marino. Throughout history, the nation's rocky terrain served as a fortress against the many conquerors of Italy and today, San Marino exists as the San Marino's oldest and smallest republic.

Land-locked by Italy and located in the southern region of Romagna, the landscape of San Marino is worth the drive from Rimini. The Mediterranean climate affords travelers with warm summers and mild winters. The ideal months to visit the republic are April through June, or September and October. However, visitors to San Marino during the winter months will experience the quaint shops, cobble-stoned streets, and the spectacular Tre Castelli without the hindrances of crowds.

The three castles (Tre Castelli) are the main attraction of the republic. The pathway that leads up to this stronghold trio supplies views of beautiful landscape and the clear blue of the Adriatic Sea. The hike is worth the exercise to see this scenery from each castle. The first two castles, Rocca della Guaita and Rocca della Cesta, are open for the public to tour and visit their museums. Although the third castle, Rocca Montale, is closed to the public, it still provides a beautiful view from its remote location.

San Marino Travel

Another popular site for visitors to San Marino is the Public Palace . Located in the historic city centre of San Marino , the palace is a beautiful example of 19 th century European architectural design. It has been recently refurbished to display artwork commemorating the history of the republic.

The festivals in San Marino are also must-see events. February visitors can experience the San Marino Liberation Day. In 1739, San Marino was liberated from the occupying forces of Cardinal Alberoni. Annually, this liberation is celebrated with a parade that stretches from Borgo Maggiore and concludes in the city of San Marino. The evening is topped off with an elegant gala in the Teatro Dialettale.

For racing fans, there are a few high-speed events that gather crowds each year. Grand Prix in the city of Imola is a must-see event during April. There is also a Super Bike Championship that features motorcycle racing in Masino, San Marino. The race bikes can be easily identified with common motorcycle models so the fans can easily recognize them. This race takes place each year during June and is a well-attended, comfortable and modern event. For a taste of culture at a slower pace, the Vespa San Marino Days does not disappoint. Although these bikes are not raced, but rather admired, there are plenty of other events to entertain spectators. Parachuting shows, live music, processions, and dinner and lunch parties are just a few diversions during the four-day event.

Visitors from Italy do not need to exchange money or worry about passports when entering San Marino. The nation speaks predominantly Italian, although German and English can be heard in the streets from time to time. Also, the republic accepts the Euro as it is a part of the European Union. San Marino is an excellent country to travel to while visiting Italy. It has many beautiful and historic sites from its claim to being the San Marino's oldest republic.

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