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Sao Paulo Museum of Art

It is one of the landmarks of Brazil . This art gallery has 100 masterpieces which were at one time or the other displayed in European museums like the Tate Gallery in London , the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York or the Musee de l'Organerie found in Paris.

The gallery was inaugurated in 1968. It has an open air-area that is used for concerts. On Sundays, that area is used for an antiques market. Art works were gathered between 1947 and 1960. Works were acquired from donors and patrons. New acquisitions were celebrated with banquets and student parades. When Van Gogh's The Student arrived in the Sao Paulo Museum of Art, a huge celebration took place. According to some, the Sao Paulo Museum of Art has the largest and most comprehensive collection, not only of western art in Latin America but also the whole south hemisphere! It has around 8,000 works comprising of Brazilian Art, Latin American Art, European art from the Italian school, the French School , Flemish, Dutch and German schools, and English school. Works from the Pre-Columbian cultures and medieval European art in the art gallery have historic and artistic importance. There were robbery attempts in this art gallery, works of Picasso and Portinari were taken.

Many flock to Paulista Avenue in Sao Paulo , Brazil to see art in the Sao Paulo Museum of Art. Its adress is Avenida Paulista 1578 Sao Paulo . It is open Monday to Sundays at 11 in the morning anmd closes at 17:00. In local currency, adults have to pay 10.00 for admission while students have to pay 5.00.

Museum of Art, Sao Paulo

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