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Seoul International Marathon

The South Korean capital city of Seoul was put on the sporting map by the 1988 Summer Olympics but the history of the Seoul International Marathon goes back to the 1930s.

The race starts at the Admiral Yi Sun Shin Statue and the course starts with some tight turns in the first 18km, including a river crossing across the Gosanja Bridge. Runners can find their pace as the race heads east before curving a bit south. Some of the scenic areas to see include the Children's Grand Park and the Seoul Forest. When runners reach the Jamshil Bridge they will know they are getting close to the finish line. The course heads west and finishes at the Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium.

There are drink stations with water and energy drinks every 5 km, and in between most of those will be a sponge station. There are three stations that distribute choco pies for extra energy. The race is run in March, it is often cool temperatures for the race as high temperatures don't go far above 10 degrees Celsius.

A flat course, runners are not hit with any large, energy-sapping climbs. Half a kilometre into the race there is a small uphill part of the course, there is a slight rise going from the 12km mark to the 16km mark and later in the race after a few minor up and down segments around the 26km mark there is a bit of an uphill segment at the 35km mark before a more rapid descent just after the 36km mark.

Wilson Loyanae ran the fastest ever time for the Seoul International Marathon with a time of 2 hours, 5 minutes and 37 seconds in the 2012 race. Kim Won-Tak, Gert Thys, Moses Kimeli Arusei and Lee Bong-Ju are some of the other winners. The fastest time for the women's race was set by China's Zhou Chunxiu in 2006 with a time of 2 hours, 19 minutes and 51 seconds. Other winners include Lee Mi-Ok, Allison Roe and Amane Gobena.

Visitors to South Korea can fly to Incheon International Airport, Korean Air as well as many international airlines like Air Canada, Thai Airways International, Singapore Airlines and United Airlines have regular flights there. Going by the A'REX train will get people from the airport to Seoul in under an hour. Runners can get to the start line for the marathon on public transport like the subway and buses.

Places to visit in Seoul include the National Museum of Korea, Myeongdong Cathedral, Wongaksa Pagoda and the War Memorial of Korea. Seoul is also home to several professional baseball and soccer teams.

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