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Serbia Travel

Travel to Serbia for a time of excitement and adventure as you wallow in spas, travel through the national park along the Danube, visit some ancient monasteries and saunter through the country's vineyards. Serbia is situated in the south eastern part of Europe between Macedonia and Hungary.

Serbia Travel

Belgrade is its capital city and like many capitals has a nightlife that extends to the small hours of the morning. During the day a plethora of sights will keep the tourist busy. There are historic monuments, museums, wonderful parks, and fountains. In fact there are 39 drinking fountains dotted throughout the city. Some of the most popular buildings to visit are the Belgrade Fortress, the Old Palace, and St. Sava's Temple.

There are many archaeological sites along the Danube. The first human settlements in Belgrade were 7,000 years ago. At Vinca, which is 14 km away from Belgrade, there are remains of Neolithic and Neanderthal cultures. Many people also visit the Danube to fish or take part in water sports.

Serbia travel

For some serious relaxing try one of the country's many mineral springs and spas. The most famous are Vrnjacka Banja and Niska Banja, where you'll also find remains of Roman baths. If you want even more serenity how about lying by the banks of Lake Palic in the north of the country. Then when you feel energetic there are opportunities to kayak and water board down the 7 kilometre stretch of water.

Lovers of winter sports wind up at the resort of Kopaonik. It's 2,017m above sea level and caters for all levels of skiers.

There are several airlines including Yugoslav airlines that fly into and out of Serbia. The country is also well connected to the rest of Europe by rail. There are reasonable road and rail connections throughout the country.

Serbia has a temperate climate. Summers tend to be hot and the winters cold.

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