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Serengeti migration

The Serengeti migration in Africa is the world's largest natural animal show. This migration occurs every year in the African country of Tanzania. The natural migration follows a circular route that the wild animals follow in search of food and water. Migration takes place annually and a number of different animals migrate to various regions at different times of the air. Every year, more than a million wild beasts migrate from one place to another. You can find thousands of zebras and gazelles participating in the migration. Carnivorous animals don't migrate, but they are often present as they feast on the migrating animals.

The Serengeti National park is located in Tanzania. The Masai Mara, in Kenya and Ngorongoro are other places of interest associated to the Serengeti migration. However, the animals spend the most time in the Serengeti national park. The migration is tough for the animals and they gather the young ones and travel in groups.

To witness the Serengeti migration, plan your trip between July and September. During this season the herds cross the Grumeti river of Tanzania and Mara river of Kenya. There can be crocodiles waiting to capture the feeble ones that cannot cope up with the river currents, so be prepared for this. Even if you miss the river crossings in the Serengeti migration, watching the hundreds of animals on the plains is a breathtaking experience.

If you are interested in the animals of prey, then you can view lions hunting from December to March, which is the calving season for the migrating wild beasts. The carnivorous animals use this season to attack the young calves and feast on them, which can be intriguing to watch, although it will not appeal to everyone. The incredible safari experience is widely popular among nature lovers. As the Serengeti migration is a natural event, the location and time of migration will differ. The migrating animals cover vast tracts of land at different places during different months. It is worth taking the time to get proper information before you plan your travel to Africa to view this natural wonder.

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