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The archipelago of Seychelles is the ideal backdrop for a romantic excursion. These 115 islands give an impression of relaxation, refinement, and simplicity. There are sixteen islands to choose accommodation from, but each island offers different natural wonders and activities.

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The Republic of Seychelles is off the east coast of Africa near Madagascar and is situated in the Indian Ocean . Temperatures consistently hover around eighty degrees Fahrenheit (26.6°C) year-round and the monsoon season rests on the islands from December through March. The ideal time to visit the Republic is May through October in order to experience the sunny and tropical weather that enhances the already beautiful beaches.

Snorkeling and sailing are year-round adventures. However, diving is best enjoyed during Seychelles ' dry season. Sailboats can be chartered off any of the main islands for the day. There are also guided glass-boat tours. Divers coming to Seychelles will experience extravagant under-water scenery. Delicate coral, watery land forms, and brilliant fish are easily seen under the clear water. Professional divers can assist with dive tours.

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The main island is Mahe, which is the largest island and contains the international airport. This island has a vast array of resorts, beaches, and activities. The art galleries in Mahe also attract many visitors. The local artist, Andrew Gee, has work displayed in an Art Museum in Mahe. His original collection of watercolor paintings and textile creations prove why he is a world-renowned artist and fashion designer. Furthermore, the museum of Carrefour des Arts gives visitors a taste of the artistic talent in Seychelles . This museum features original illustrations and painted fabric creations.

To experience the richest hiking adventure that the tropical world has to offer, tourists should set their sails toward Praslin. This is the Republic of Seychelles ' second largest island. It is home to lush forestry and hiking trails. Visitors should leave only footprints and take only memories because the natural vegetation is very vulnerable to those who stray from the path. Here one can find the rare coco dei mer palm and screw pine. Furthermore, one of the best beaches is located in Praslin and is called Anse Lazio. This beach offers white sand, clear water, and perhaps a few turtles.

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The next island that is situated near Praslin and popular to visitors is La Digue. This island is refreshing for the visitors seeking a cultural and traditional experience. The people of the island travel by bicycles and maintain a slow lifestyle. This island offers more luxurious beaches. The surrounding rock structures create a safe and warm cove for visitors to enjoy the waters or relax on the sand. There are also restaurants on the beaches to facilitate an afternoon lunch.

The Republic of Seychilles is a popular retreat for anniversaries, honeymoons, or romantic getaways and the islands have many features catered to these couples. There are many resort packages to choose from whether one is interested in hiking, beach relaxation, or Island hopping. The unique and unhurried atmosphere of the Republic is perfect for tourists interested in escaping a busy lifestyle.


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