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Shanghai Grand Theatre

French architect Jean-Marie Charpentier designed the building. He fused eastern and western influences making it a unique and notable building in Shanghai . It is an important building for China 's performing arts.

It covers 62,000 square meters and is ten stories high, six on the ground, two underground and two lofts. At night, it looks like a glass palace. A rare marble called “Greece Crystal White” is used to make up the floor. The lobby is 2000 square meters and a chandelier hangs on the lobby. The chandelier is made up of six pan-pipes shaped lamp. The Shanghai Grand Theatre has three theatre spaces. Large-scale performances are presented in the main theatre. It has a 1,800 seating capacity. Mitsubishi fabricated this theater. Aside from having a main stage and a rear stage, it has a left wing and a right wing. These can be removed, rotated, or sloped. A computer can control the stage equipment. It has high standards of lighting and acoustics. ADB Company is used for lighting and JBL professional for acoustics.

Chinese opera and chamber music is performed in the medium theater. It has a seating capacity of 550. For dramas and fashion shows, the smallest theater is used. On the first floor is the exhibition hall, a coffee house while on the eighth floor is the banquet hall. The Shanghai Grand Theater has world-class facilities for the comfort of audiences.

The Shanghai Grand Theatre is found on Renmin Boulevard People's Square. On its south is the People's Boulevard, in its west is the Huangpi Beilu and on the east is the Shanghai Municipal Building.

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