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Shangh Art gallery

Many of the country's artists have moved to the southern city, where the pace is fast and full of political, social, and historical contradictions.

While the traditional Chinese art is still the greatest influence in the works of many artists, some have evolved and turned their attention to more diverse subjects and styles. There are artists who are endeavoring into areas of new and mixed media, and also experimenting with video and installation. The ShanghArt has become a focal point for gathering together a new generation of contemporary Chinese artists.

Although permanent exhibition here are of artists who have already exhibited all over the world, the gallery also cultivates new artists from the city and beyond. Despite China 's traditional art history, all of these artists are breaking new ground.

Artists here exhibited an unmistakable style, an almost cinematographic context which is set within the 1920's, 1930's and 1940's is recreated in this panorama of paintings. One can see the exquisite drawings and harmonious use of color, which are complementary to the overall sense of mystery that surrounds the stylish and elegant characters and roles in the paintings. The interaction between the viewer, the paintings and the artist is apparent. The former needs to use their imagination to unravel the narrative works.

The ShanghArt has widely exhibited works that are constantly visited which depicts techniques that are in timeless harmony to unchanging realities of the human condition. Located at 50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai, this museum is open daily from Daily 10am-6pm.
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