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Diving with sharks in Gansbaai

If you are genuinely adventurous and looking for some really scary adventures to tell your friends or family about, then you can't beat diving with sharks! The Gansbaai in South Africa is the world's best location to encounter these mighty hunters of the deep up close. For some, the idea of being close to the sharp black eyes of a shark may be chilling, but for others diving with sharks is truly synonymous with adventure.

Once you're in Gansbaai you have to cruise in a boat for 45 minutes to reach the Shark Alley. During the journey, you can see the Dyer Island and Geyser rock where there are a number of seals and other natural flora and fauna to see. Shark Alley is a secluded bay where sharks roam freely. When prey comes close, the sharks become active and enclosed in a safety cage you get a live shows of sharks hunting their prey. Don't be surprised if you see white sharks that can measure up to 4 meters in length. The white sharks are seen at incredibly close range when you're in the cage.

This natural feeding makes Gansbaai a popular destination for those looking for diving with sharks. This popular activity has gained South Africa the moniker of the shark diving capital of the world. From the boat that takes you to the bay, you will get into cage and dive into the waters where a shark is spotted. Even though the cage provides protection, you have to take more care as this adventure is inherently dangerous. Many providers will organize a DVDs, filming your diving trip so that you can keep a moment to show your family of this exciting adventure vacation.

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