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The exquisiteness of the landscape is the biggest draw. With numerous animal and plant reserves, Sierra Leone is an inspiring destination to see indigenous African wildlife in its natural habitat. Tacugama Chimp Sanctuary rescues and protects native chimpanzees and gives them a wonderful 100-acre home. Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected bird and butterfly sanctuary that sees more than 140 different species flourishing. Gola Forest Reserve is one of the few places to see extremely endangered species like zebras, elephants, monkeys, and chimpanzees. Outamba-Kilimi National Park is an excellent area to catch a glimpse of the endangered pigmy hippopotamus. Mamunta Mayosso Wildlife Sanctuary is home to the severely endangered Dwarf Crocodile.

Sierra Leone Travel

Mount Bintimani is a hot spot for mountain climbers, however it is easier to reach the peak than it is to reach the base but worth every bit of the effort. The views from this mountain are among the most spectacular in all of Sierra Leone.

Freetown, the capital and largest city, is a major port town surrounding a lively harbor. From here, you can frolic on the unspoiled beaches dotted with palm trees and colorful birds flitting about. Freetown's beaches are among the most spectacular in all of Western Africa. Lakka Beach and Toke Beach are peaceful and pristine. The best beach in Freetown is the No. 2 River Beach where you can take a dip in the luscious water and munch on fresh lobster and barracuda at a charming seaside cafe. Lumley Beach is a more developed tourist beach with numerous facilities including hotels, restaurants, little shops, and golf courses.

Sierra Leone travel

The most famous landmark in the center of the city is known as the "Cotton Tree" and serves as a deeply respected icon of the city. Former American slaves planted this tree when Freetown was originally established.

Other popular attractions include Bunce Island, Sierra Leone Museum, and the Sierra Leone National Railway Museum. Freetown's nightlife is prolific. There are many bars, nightclubs, and casinos for mingling with the locals and having a good time.

English is the official language, however Krio is the favored language of the people with 95% of the natives speaking Krio. Getting around Sierra Leone is easy with access to boats, taxis, car hire, and private buses known as Poda Poda.

With majestic waterfalls, unexplored rainforests, and pristine white sand beaches, this is the perfect destination to experience the tropics of Africa. Sierra Leone is an undiscovered African paradise.

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