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Singapore airport

Singapore airport has top notch airport facilities, extremely clean terminals, fastest passenger connections, efficient baggage handling systems, and easy accessibility to and from major surrounding cities, this airport also runs one of the best passenger check-in, customs, and immigration systems and provides exemplary customer service while doing so.

Singapore airport
In addition, this airport provides world class amenities in almost every category, including business and IT, shopping, rest and relaxation, entertainment, nature, and general facilities, helping it to be one of the most equipped and modern airports today.

This airport is considered to be the top airport in the world for transit travelers, or those who have long layovers in between flights, as this airport offers so many amenities, features, relaxation/exercise/entertainment options, restaurants, and stores that it is easy to be occupied for hours and even days at a time, and is overall considered to be a city within itself. Easily one of the most modern, luxurious, and efficient airports in the world today, Singapore Changi Airport is consistently ranked as the world’s first or second best among all airline review agencies and passenger satisfaction surveys year after year.

The amenities offered at Singapore Changi Airport, are numerous, varied, and among the most modern currently offered by any airport. A list of its general amenities include fully-stocked grocery stores and 7-11 stores, hair and beauty salons, numerous medical clinics and pharmacies, a children’s playground, free wi fi service throughout the entire airport, eighty internet kiosks, broadband internet rental service, and prayer rooms.

In terms of rest and relaxation, this airport can not be topped when it comes to offering unique facilities in this category; with a full-length Balinese-themed swimming pool and jacuzzi, resting lounges, a sauna, free massage chairs, and tvs in all general lounges. Shower facilities, a gym, massage therapists, and foot reflexologists are also available 24 hours a day; in addition, the bathroom facilities throughout this entire airport are renown for their extreme cleanliness and modernity. In terms of entertainment, there are four free movie theaters for all ticketed passengers open 24 hours a day, an explorers’ themed lounge specializing in National Geographic and Discovery channel programs, an entertainment deck that offers playstation booths, free lan gaming terminals, a comics and other collectibles shop, a music area, an MTV booth, and a movie theater, and general lounges situated throughout the entire airport which offer wide screen plasma tvs and 24 hour news coverage. And finally, if one wishes to satisfy one’s nature and outdoor senses, one may wish to visit one of the six separate natural gardens that are located within the airport itself, and said to be miniature parks unto themselves; these six gardens, considered to be part of the “Nature Trail”, are the Butterfly Garden with live butterflies, the green, peaceful, and serene oriental Bamboo Garden, the open-roofed Cactus Garden, with more than 40 species of live cacti, the Fern Garden and Koi Pond, the colorful Orchard and Koi Pond Garden, and the open-roofed Sunflower Garden. All are free. In addition, almost all grocery stores, gyms, and stores are open 24 hours a day as well. It is recommended that one visit more than one terminal if possible, using the Skyrail monorail to move easily and efficiently between each one.

Again, this airport is renown for being a first rate transit airport, and would not be one of the most top ranked airports in terms of this without a transit hotel to top off all of the above features; passengers have ranked this airport number one for sleeping overnight (in part due to this hotel), and have said that they often choose to travel through this airport for this reason (it is also said to be one reason why this airport offers so many features within its grounds, to lure passengers to stay longer or even overnight). The average price for six hours in a private room complete with bathroom and shower in the hotel is $30 US dollars as of 2008. The transit hotel also rents room s by the day as well as by the hour, and the traveler does not have to clear customs first upon arrival in order to be able to stay at this hotel. Lastly, free two hour tours of the country of Singapore are available, which include boat rides, cultural sites, and colonial themes; all are guided tours with English speaking guides only.

This airport is also top-ranked for its restaurants and retail stores, and it offers a dizzying array of these in terms of both the sheer number available as well as types of brands offered; from Cartier, Bulgari, Fendi, Coach, and Prada , and much more, to fine chocolate and gourmet stores, to Nike and Sony, the shopping experience at this airport is more than many of the average shopping malls. One should note that the duty free shops found here are said to be the best in the world; in particular, one should note that the cheapest priced wines and tobacco of all the duty free shops in Asia’s airports in can be found here – although it is illegal to possess tobacco in Singapore, one may nonetheless wish to purchase some on their way to their departure flight. The number of restaurants is also staggering, with over 100 restaurants, cafes, bars, and bakeries to choose from, ranging from gourmet to basic to fast food, and from vegetarian to Asian to Indian; most restaurants are open 24 hours a day as well. In conclusion, with the most modern, numerous, and unique amenities found in any airport around the world, top notch restaurants and stores, and one of the most efficient passenger and baggage handling systems, Singapore Changi International Airport easily ranks among the top five airports in the world year after year.

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