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Slovenia tours and sightseeing

A country with a spectacular array of dense forests, castles, caves and immense natural beauty. Slovenia is a small country in central Europe. It borders the Adriatic Sea, and is nestled between Croatia and Austria.

Slovenia's capital is Ljubljana, the only major city in the country. It's dynamic and modern, but also the past ever present. The old town houses many important buildings as well as remains of the Roman settlement of Emona. There's a wonderful cultural life with many museums, theatres and music venues. The Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre is a particularly stunning building.

Some of the country's ‘must-sees' include Triglav National Park. Here you'll find the glorious Lake Bled, with its stunning castle. Slovenia has more than one thousand karst caves and potholes. The most visited ones are Postojna Cave, the Škocjan Caves, Pivka and Crna Jama Cave. They are called karst because of the action of water on limestone and usually result in many stunning underground caves.

Caves and castles are combined at Predjama, where the castle sits in the mouth of a cave in a limestone cliff. The cave has 4 levels and is called Erazmova Jama , after a knight who used to live in the castle.

The Slovene coast covers an area of 46.6 kilometre and is an arresting sight because of the amount of vegetation there. The nearby town of Piran is popular because of its medieval heritage and remains and also its brilliant beaches.

Ljubljana is the main flight hub and is linked to many European countries. There are excellent train links with the rest of Europe and buses operate daily between Slovenia and Italy. Internally buses are the main form of transport but cars are recommended for long journeys.

Slovenia has a Mediterranean climate on the coast. Elsewhere the summers are mild to hot and the winters are cold.

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