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South Pole

The South Pole is the southernmost point on Earth's surface. It lies on the Antarctica continent and at the site of the pole you will find the United States Amundsen-Scott South Pole centre, which was established in 1956. During the early days, visiting South Pole was an adventurous goal and many people lost their lives during exploration. The first men to reach geographical South Pole are the expedition team from Norwegian on 14th December 1911.

At the South Pole, the sun rises and sets only once each year. The climate is bone chilling year round, becoming worse during July. The climate of Antarctica has restricted many expeditions to the South Pole. Several people who went there for exploration were badly affected by the cold and heavy winds. Antarctica is the windiest and coldest continent in the world. Although the South Pole is open to tourism, it is the least visited tourist site in the earth.

The South Pole can be explored minimally on foot. If you wish to really explore the region, then skiing or using base transportation will allow you to travel further. The ceremonial South Pole at the station is represented by a metal sphere mounted on a white and red pole and is actually 300m away from the true South Pole. The geographical South Pole is represented by a rod with metal head.

If you wish to travel to some really adventurous place and you're looking for some extra stories to write home about, then take an expedition tour to Antarctica from November to January. This is the official summer season on Antarctica. The oppressing heavy cold during the other months of the year is prohibitive.

Expeditions to the South Pole start from the Punta Arenas , which is located at the south of Chile . From there you have to camp at the Patriot Hills in the Ellsworth Mountains . A day trip by air will be organized from the mountains to the Pole. Several expeditions stop well before the Pole so that you can reach this adventurous zone on foot.

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