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Kite Festival
Where: Lahore, Pakistan
When: Spring
Thousands of people fill the rooftops and streets of Lahore for this Spring. The five-day event to celebrate the ancient tradition of kite flying and thousands litter the skies. The festival often takes the form of kite fighting, in which fighters try to snag each other's kites or cut other kites down.

Tour de France, France
Where: Throughout France and a bordering country, finishes in Paris
When: July
This 23 day tour is one of the hardest and best known in the world. It usually covers some 3500 kilometres over the most mountainous and gruelling terrain in the country. It is broken down into segments known as stages and the winner of the race has the fastest combined time from each stage.
Tibet horse festival
Where: Tibet
When: Early August
Horse festivals take place throughout Tibet each summer but the Nakchu is possibly the most popular. Thousands of herdsmen dress themselves and their horse in finery to participate in a horse race and archery contest.

Where: Most centres, Mongolia (largest in Ulaanbaatar)
When: July 11-14
This annual event takes place across the country to celebrate the three “manly” sports of wrestling, archery and horseback racing. The three day event starts with traditional parades and dancing before the sports events begin. There is usually a market with plenty of local food and drink available.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
Where: Albuquerque, USA
When: October
This colourful annual hot air balloon festival is the world’s largest and most photographed event. It is held every fall over nine days with some 750 balloons taking to the skies.

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