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Sri Lanka, or the Tear Drop of the Orient as it is sometimes dubbed, is a small island located off the southern tip of India. Like many countries with tropical climates, Sri Lanka has both rainy and dry seasons. The southern region receives monsoon rainfall from May through July, while the northern region receives this moisture in December and January. Throughout the other months, Sri Lanka maintains a hot and humid atmosphere, but the hills offer some cool relief to the republic's inhabitants. These hills have extravagant vegetation and wildlife, and along the coasts the beaches are warm and inviting. Furthermore, throughout the entire island a traveler can expect to find striking architectural buildings, kind locals and appealing food.

Sri Lanka Travel

The animals and vegetation of this tropical republic is definitely worth exploring. There are animal parks that allow visitors to come and observe several animals including leopards, elephants, lizards, sloths, bears, monkeys, and several more. Yala National Park is the largest and most impressive park in Sri Lanka . There is a large variety of wildlife to observe and the east side of the park offers a bird-watcher's heaven with a large variety of water and land birds. The Yala National Park is located in the southeast region of Sri Lanka.

Throughout the year, Sri Lanka always has a sandy patch of paradise on one of its coasts to afford tourists and residents. These white sandy beaches are very relaxing. There are also several hotels located on these beaches that offer packages to visitors. Both beginning and expert divers should find time to explore the underwater world off these coasts. Sri Lanka has expert diving guides that offer underwater safari packages and low-priced rental for diving equipment. Above the water, kayaking and rafting are also popular sports.

The architectural buildings and the events throughout the year are reflective of the republic's diverse religious population. First of all, Kelaniya Temple is located on the Kelaniya river about 7 or 8 miles from the city of Colombo . This temple was erected in honor of Buddha. Tradition states that Buddha resided in this temple and taught the people. There are icons inside this building that are important to Buddhists as they depict Buddha's life and various elements of the religion. Another important architectural wonder for Buddhists is the Buduruwagala, which is a series of Buddhist rock sculptures. These carvings mark the location of a Buddhist school from the 10 th century and are located just south of Wellawaya.

An important element of Sri Lankan culture is dancing and drama. These arts are included in festivals, celebrations, and even religious functions. There are even schools to teach children drama and dance lessons. Sometimes these dances are used in a religious setting to ward off evil spirits. However, Sri Lankans usually associate dancing and drama with celebrations and festivals.

There are some concerns with traveling to Sri Lanka today. Over the past few months of the year 2008, there have been some tragic bombings in and just outside of Colombo . Also, during monsoon season, it is often dangerous to travel with threats of flooding. Before planning a trip to Sri Lanka , be sure to check the local travel advisories and warnings.

Sri Lanka is a republic with rich history and beautiful landscape. It is a unique place that offers a wide variety of activities. There are safaris underwater and on land to intrigue those with an adventurous spirit. For those interested in anthropology and history, there are religious festivals and historical landmarks to bring an enlightened view of the Sri Lankan people. The beaches, scenery, and National Parks give rest for those who are looking for a relaxing holiday.

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