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Statue of Liberty

This famous lady stands on Ellis Island New York , where she has represented freedom and the great multicultural melting pot that is America . Ellis Island at one point in time was an immigration stopover for new arrivals, before they entered the United States . Everyone who has seen Lady Liberty knows that they were being welcomed to the United States to start a new life.

Ellis Island is on the Historic Register and is also now a national park. There are many things to view at Ellis Island such as the American Family Immigration History Center , as well as the Statue of Liberty. Liberty Enlightening the World stands on a 12 acre island in the New York harbour. This extraordinary monument was given to the people of America from the people of France as a gift of friendship and was dedicated in October, 1886.

The immortal words scribed at the bottom of the statue are from the poem titled "The New Colossus", written by poet Emma Lazarus. The poem is renowned in the US and is one of the most quoted poems of the 20 th Century. These words forever mark 'Lady Liberty 'as the champion of the freedom of people of the world. The statue stands over 305 feet high.

Accessing Ellis Island is easy to do. You simply fly into either La Guardia or JFK airports in New York City . From the port of New York there is a ferry called the Circle Island -Downtown will take you to Ellis Island . There are also several operators that will provide trips and an introduction to the history and significance of Ellis Island . Access points to the island are found in Battery Park, NY and Liberty State Park in New Jersey . Over 15 million visitors annually come to see both the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
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