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Surcharges and Fees You May be Charged on Your Next Trip

Wondering what surcharges and fees you may be charged on your next trip? You may be aware of airfare and hotel accommodations-but what about the other fees companies may try to tack onto your bill? Read over some common and uncommon fees here before concluding that the company is trying to illegally scam you. (As opposed to cheating you out of money legally)

1. Credit Card Surcharges for Flights
If airline companies are charged extra for credit card transactions, then rest assured you will get some of that negative karma right back. In many overseas countries, airlines will charge the traveler for tickets purchased via credit card. This may not be standard in America for the time being, but some experts predict it could change in the near future.

2. Hotel Fees
A website like can let you know how much you're paying for the room and help you compare low prices between hotels. However, you have to be careful about requesting services after checking in. Hotels can charge numerous additional fees. Many tourists are surprised to learn that there are entrée fees, beverage fees, inflated service charges, envelope delivery charges, room service fees and even a new development called a "tray fee." Yes, some hotels may try to charge you for trays. They better be made out of marble!

3. Charity Donations
Only after experiencing automatic charity donations in other countries will you appreciate the option of selecting "no" on your year-end tax forms. There are numerous reports of various hotels around the world automatically charging small amounts for charity donations. They may also be called "safe fees." Don't worry too much about it-tourism-friendly countries are not about to upset their visitors by forcing them to donate to charities they don't wish to. However, be prepared to ask for a removal of this sneaky little fee. Don't feel too guilty, now. Pay charity on your own time and get this unnecessary fee marked off.

4. Ticket Change Fees
Some passengers have incurred an additional fee for changing their airline tickets from one city to another. Most airline companies are not willing to offer refunds or credit exchanges, even if the price of the change fee is much higher than the new ticket.

5. Extra Luggage Fees
Some airline companies charge so much for luggage fees, the costs actually outweigh the total price of the ticket. Airlines may charge fees for heavy bags, numerous bags or even "over-stuffed packages." Keep in mind that some overseas airlines are stricter regarding baggage weight and dimension.

Plan your trip cautiously to avoid any surcharges or even "penalty fees" that could drag down an otherwise fun vacation.

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