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Bird-watchers, trail-blazers, and adventure-seekers will never be bored in Suriname . This small country is located in the northern region of South America and is bordered by the Atlantic, Guyana, Brazil , and French Guiana . With these influences, Suriname boasts of diverse cultures. The nation was originally a colony of the Netherlands and today its official language is still Dutch, although Chinese, Portuguese, and several ethnic languages are widely spoken in Suriname . The primary activities for visitors are hiking, exploring natural reserves, enjoying the nightlife, and boat trips.

Suriname Travel

Mount Kasikasma provides an adventurous hike. This mountain is located in the far south and fairly close to the village of Ameridian in the region of Palumeu. In order to summit this mountain an investment of a few days is required. The hike includes a couple days in a canoe and a hike to the top of the mountain. There are group tours that are offered in Suriname , which affords tourists with a guide, a night stay in Palumeu, and a few nights of camping outdoors. The beautiful scenery on the way up and at the top is worth the climb. This activity is best suited for those visitors looking for a rugged and adventurous experience.

There are many nature reserves that have been partitioned off by the government. This effort can be appreciated by the visitors that come to Suriname . Travelers can take in and experience several types of floral and fauna, birds, and wildlife. In the nature reserve of Galibi, the main attraction is the view of the great sea turtles during nesting season (around April through August).

The Central Suriname Nature Reserve covers a large span of nature in the central part of the country. This land is full of delicate rain forests and many species of wildlife. It also protects the Coppename River system that produces several varieties of landscape. Stick to the paths and bring binoculars to take in the scenic views and the various birds.

The hub of the nightlife in Suriname is in Paramaribo . There are clubs, bars, casinos, and a variety of restaurants. The dining experience in Suriname is unique because the various cultural influences are clearly noticed by the large range of flavors. Latin, South American, Chinese, and Indian cuisines each present their specialties throughout the nation's restaurants.

The boat rides are the most convenient way to travel between towns and camp sites. The larger cities offer comfortable cruise boats, but the smaller cities can be traveled through the narrow river systems by a traditional dug-out boat. Tourists can enjoy a scenic adventure on these canoes by paddling along the Coppename and Nickerie River veins and visiting new towns and villages.

In order for tourists to begin their Amazon adventures in Suriname , weather concerns and visas may need to be considered. Suriname experiences mild weather with both rainy and dry seasons. The dry seasons are February through April and August through November. The other months of the year are considered the country's rainy seasons. Visas are required if the visitor lives outside of the Caricom region. These visas can be arranged by a tour agent beforehand and obtained at the airport. The unique opportunity to hike, take boat rides, and visit preserved natural reserves makes a trip to Suriname an exciting experience.

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