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When booking Switzerland hotels it is a good idea to find out what the main language is in that area. Switzerland has four official languages which are German, French, Italian and Romansh and each area tends to have one which is dominant. Those who stay in Switzerland hotels will find that many of the staff has at least basic English skills so communication should not be too much of a problem within the hotel itself.

Switzerland has plenty of winter resorts which are filled with hotels that will suit all budgets, but these are also popular during the summer months when people like to go hiking in the mountains, so visitors should not be put off visiting a ski resort out of season as there is still plenty to do. Many Switzerland hotels are happy to cater for families and have children's play areas as well as facilities for adults such as spas and gyms.

Most areas of the country have a mix of luxury and budget hotels. Tourists who want to spend time exploring will also find a number of hostels in each area where they can spend the night at a very low cost before moving on. The amenities in each hotel will vary a great deal as will the extra services such as babysitting and laundry. Some extras will be charged for while others are included in the bill. Basics such as hairdryers tend to be standard in hotels now and will not need to be rented separately.

There is no need to leave a tip when in Switzerland. Hotels, restaurants and bars all add a service charge to the final bill. Some people will round the bill up to the nearest franc but there is no requirement to tip the waiter in a restaurant or the staff in the hotel. Service charges have been covered this way since the early 1970s.

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