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The Republic of Syria is located in the Middle East and is a land full of historical and religious significance. The weather in Syria is similar to its Mediterranean neighbors with summers being hot and dry, and winters yielding rain. The coasts are most inviting because the ocean breezes offer relief from the intense heat experienced inland during the summers. Visitors to Syria have many activities to choose from which include visiting ancient cities, experiencing the local cuisine, and stopping by extravagant architectural locations.


Syria travel

The largest city in Syria is its capital, Damascus. This city claims to be the oldest city in the world that has continuously retained a population. As a result of this city's length of years, it is the home to many ancient monumental ruins. There are tours that allow travelers to observe these sites. Syria is an Islamic nation which is made evident by the calls to prayer, the large number of Muslims, and the crowded mosques. Damascus has an extravagant mosque called the Umayyad Mosque. This mosque was built in 705 A.D. and was built where a Christian Cathedral used to stand. Also, throughout the streets of Damascus , there are bazaars selling cultural souvenirs and in the center of the city, there are several popular restaurants to choose from.

Travelers should also make their way to the city of Hama . The main attractions in this city are the magnificent waterwheels. They are all within walking distance from the centermost point in the city. These waterwheels are located in the Orontes River and there is usually at least one of the wheels turning at any point during the day. The Azem Palace is located in Hama and is an excellent example of Islamic architectural design. There are several good shopping areas throughout the town that have reasonably priced shoes, souvenirs, and restaurants.

Syria travel

Typical Syrian cuisine includes falafels and barbeque chicken. For the more adventurous there are camel steaks that are recommended. Each meal can be ordered with bread and rice. Visitors can also choose fast food for lunch or perhaps tea from a local European café. Tourists will also find several juice stands with a wide variety of tropical fruit flavors.

There are important considerations to be aware of before embarking to Syria . First of all, Syria has shown support for societies such as Hizbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. These organizations have been associated with terrorist activities. There have also been recent protests against Westerners, so these visitors should be careful.

Syria also has a dress code that is typical of Islamic countries and in order to avoid problems it is best for travelers to Syria to adhere to this code. Men can wear baggy long or short sleeved shirts with loose fitting trousers. Women must wear modest clothing which includes long sleeves and a long skirt. Pants that reach past the knees are also suitable.

Syria is an intriguing nation in the Middle East with unique structures, kind people, and festive evenings. The country has a rich history that will educate and inspire its visitors.

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