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Taiwan is a small island in East Asia located just off the coast of China. It is currently a Province under the People's Republic of China. Taiwan was created by volcanoes in the Ring of Fire and therefore it has tremendous landscape with impressive mountains and rolling hills. The climate is tropical with warm weather and cool oceanic breezes. The greatest attractions in Taiwan are the temple and architecture, cultural celebrations, surfing, and natural explorations.

Taiwan Travel

The temples in Taiwan are impressive examples of the island's architectural talent and religious devotion. Almost ninety-percent of Taiwan people profess to be Buddhist. The Longshan Temple and Choatian Temple are popular sites to visit. They are famous for their beautiful design and they present aspects of Taiwanese history. Each temple in Taiwan has intricate architecture that reflects a Chinese influence.

The festivals in Taiwan are intriguing events and tourists will be engulfed in a rich cultural experience if they come during a Taiwanese holiday. There are several holidays that are celebrated in Taiwan and each one is of cultural and historical significance. There is a vibrant celebration for New Years every year which includes a parade and bright colored decorations. There are also local events such as the Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage and the City God Welcoming. The Taiwanese are famous for their opera, delicious cuisine, and puppet theater which mark each holiday celebration and event.

Surfing in Taiwan is renowned all over the world. Dedicated surfers come from all over the world to explore the waves of this small island. The ocean consistently produces large waves and the giant monsoon waves are not to be reckoned with by inexperienced surfers. Come in the fall or winter to experience ideal surfing conditions. The most popular surfing locations are Daxi at Honeymoon Bay, Shanyuan Resort Beach at Taitung, and South Bay at Kenting. Search for a list of local hotel rates.

Visitors to Taiwan that crave a natural experience will not be bored once they leave the coasts and crowded cities. Alishan is located in the center of Taiwan and is the perfect place for a mountain hike. This location provides explorers with deep green scenery and views of huge Cypress trees. Another popular spot is Taroko National Park. This park has preserved an array of flowers, lush mountains, and plenty of hiking trails.

Monsoon season is from June to August. Before planning a trip to Taiwan, be sure to watch the weather reports. During the monsoon months, there are threats of typhoons. Taiwan 's huge waves that surfers crave are not to be explored during typhoons. They are very dangerous. It is best to come to Taiwan after this season to enjoy all the cultural and natural beauty that the island has to offer.

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