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Tajikistan, officially known as the Republic of Tajikistan, is a small landlocked Central Asian country covered in the staggering mountains of the Pamir range. In ancient times, Tajikistan was prominent at the crossroads of Asia and the famed Silk Road trade routes that passed through the Pamir Mountains. Tajikistan became one of the Soviet Union's constituent republics during the 20th century. When the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990's, Tajikistan heralded its independence. Unfortunately, shortly after, civil war broke out and raged until 1997. The end of the civil war brought political stability and the country's economy has continued to flourish and grow.

Dushanbe, the capital and largest city in Tajikistan, is a spacious and relaxed city. It is composed of wide, tree-lined boulevards with elegantly colorful buildings. Towering trees that were planted more than 80 years ago provide abundant shade, making it a cool, enjoyable city to walk around, even during the summer months.

The Tajikistan National Museum of Antiquity hosts many archaeological treasures including a 12-meter high reclining Buddha statue from the 7th century Buddhist site of Ajina Tepe. Haji Yakoub Mosque, the city's central mosque, and the blue-domed Mavlana Yakubi Charki Mosque, the city's oldest mosque, are perfect destinations to be immersed in Tajikistan's rich Islamic heritage. The lush Dushanbe Botanical Gardens are perfect for a relaxing afternoon break. The Writers Union Building proudly displays monuments of famous Persian writers and poets. Dushanbe also has a growing zoo and a fantastic circus.

Tajikistan Travel

Khujand, founded by Alexander the Great, is an ancient city on the Silk Road that celebrated its 2500th anniversary recently. The History and Local Lore Archeological Museum tells the story of city's colorful history and unique significance. The Panjshanbe Bazaar is a fun place to shop where you can find many local handicrafts, foods, and traditional clothing. The Mosque and Mausoleum of Sheikh Massal ad-Din is a glorious monument of dynamic architecture. North of Khujand, the ancient town of Isfar-Tam features enchanting gardens and a popular resort area.

There are a plethora of opportunities for climbers and hikers looking for an alpine adventure. The Pamir Mountains present the greatest climbing challenges with its gigantic peaks including Ismail Samani Peak, Korzhenevskaya Peak, Somoni Peak, and Lenin Peak. Serious hikers should seek out the Hauser map for navigating the numerous tricky trails, which lead to gorgeous Alpine pastures where shepherds herd their yak, cattle, and goat flocks.

Traditional Tajiki cuisine features local specialties like qabili palau, shashlik and sumanak. Most of Tajikistan natives speak the Persian language, which is known as Tajiki. Russian is widely spoken by many locals as well.

Tajikistan is a window into the ancient Persian lifestyle and provides many opportunities to experience this exciting and unusual culture.

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