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Tanzania is in East Africa.  Bounded on the north east by Kenya, north by Lake Victoria and Uganda, northwest by Rwanda and Burundi, west by Lake Tanganyika, southwest by Zambia and Malawi and south by Mozambique.

The climate is varies and mainly affected by the altitude and distance from the sea. There are three climatic zones, by the coast hot and humid, the drier central plateau and the semi temperate mountains. There are three international airports, Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and Kilimanjaro.

Tanzania has 15 national parks and one that is very popular is the Ngorongoro Crater which is home to many animals and large herds of zebra. Lake Natrona is the largest breeding site for the lesser threatened flamingo. The slaty marshes keep predators away.

In the north is Lake Victoria the largest tropical lake in the world.

The official language is English.   


Tanzania travel


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