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Thai Airways

Offering a number of first rate amenities, cleanliness, and a high percentage of on time arrivals and departures as well, this is one of the world’s top five airlines today.

With 74 flight destinations concentrated in the Asian region, including Beijing, Tokyo, Calcutta, Phnom Penh, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and much more, as well as the Australian Pacific and European regions (unfortunately they only fly to Los Angeles in North America; they do not fly at all to South America or Canada) and a fleet of 89 aircraft, Thai Airways also has one of the best safety records among all airlines worldwide. All of these have combined to make Thai Airways one of the most widely used, highly ranked, and renown airlines in the Asian and Pacific region of the world today.

Thai airways
Thai Airways is also unique in the cuisine and meal options offered to their passengers in all classes, with all passengers having access to one of the widest varieties of meal options available on any airline today; not only are Thai and Western cuisine offered as standard meals, but also religious and vegetarian options, including Jewish Kosher meal, Muslim Halal meal, Hindu non-vegetarian, no beef, ovo-lactarian, western vegetarian, Oriental vegetarian, and Indian vegetarian.

Specially prepared meals for diabetics, or for those seeking a low-fat, low-sodium, gluten-free, low-energy, or low-protein choice are also offered routinely as well. Catering to every type of health issue and additional types of alternative diets possible is just one example of Thai Airways’ dedication to and detail in providing excellent customer service and overall satisfaction.

Passengers in Thai Airways’ Economy class will travel in reclining seats that come with up to 42 inches of legroom, their own entertainment system, and a unique cabin décor consisting of exotic purple and pink fabrics, said to reflect the orchard colors of this country. Passengers in Thai Airways’ Royal Silk, or Business, Class will also enjoy segregated cabin seating, with an aisle placed between every two seats, dividers between each seat, reclining seats, and five feet of leg room; all seats also come with their own entertainment systems with hundreds of movie selections, and a laptop port. Dining options in this class will include lobster, chinese roasted duck, and marinated mini crayfish tail as part of its standard Thai fare.

Passengers in Thai Airways First Class will travel in seats that recline to almost seven feet, have their own laptop outlets, and come with their own personal turn down service; travelers may also take advantage of a pre-flight menu order service. They will also have a choice of 22 entrees, all of hwihc tcan be pre-ordered as well; one meal on some orutes includes Upon arrival and departure they will also have access to lounges that come replete with a full Thai spa, massages, Thai health drinks and teas, complementary food and beverages, bathrooms and showers, internet service, tvs, and a buggy ride in some instances to and from the aircraft. With unique amenities, dedication to customer service, and first rate facilities, as well as one of the more exotic flying experiences of all airlines in the Asian region, and internationally as well, it is no wonder that Thai Airways currently ranks among the top five airlines in the world today.


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