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Thailand is becoming a popular destination for holidaymakers thanks to lower costs. There is a range of accommodation available to tourists. More and more luxury hotels are being added to the most popular tourist areas but there are still plenty of Thailand hotels which are suitable for those on lower budgets. The premium hotels are generally owned by Thai companies rather than the large international chains. Those hotels which are considered to be in the medium price range are often independent establishments and some may be fairly basic when the amenities are taken into consideration.

When staying in Thailand hotels it is not expected to leave a tip but as most workers earn a very basic wage, any tip that is given is welcome. On average a tip left for a porter or bellman would be between 20 and 50 Thai baht, with a similar rate for maids.

Those who are visiting Thailand during peak season should be sure to book accommodation as far in advance as possible. Some popular hotels are fully booked several months in advance for popular holiday periods such as January to March and during festival times.

Popular areas of Thailand include Phuket, Bangkok and KohSamui. Some resorts are more expensive than others areas such as Phuket are for those who want a beach holiday. Visitors who want to spend time backpacking will find the northern areas around Chiang Mai have many hotels which are suitable.

When staying in Thailand it is a good idea to learn about and practise some of the general customs. These include smiling whenever possible and ensuring that no disrespect is shown to the Thai Royal Family. It should also be noted that some places such as temples and some shops will expect visitors to remove their shoes before they go through the door.

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