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Bungee Jumping in Ticino

The wall of Verzasca dam reaches 722 feet in Ticino, Switzerland and is the highest bungee jumping center in the world. It is this exact location that James Bond plunged in the movie GoldenEye. After the stunning bungee jumping scene in this popular Bond film, this destination has gained worldwide recognition. You need strong nerves to take on the bungee jump from this wall, which will take 7.5 seconds to reach the lowest point.

For adventurous spirits visiting Switzerland, this bungee jump at the Verzasca hot spot will set you back a good number of dollars. However, those who are committed thrill-seekers will have a great experience to boast about! Once you take the plunge you will fly down the length of the wall just like Bond, having a chance to experience one of the most exhilarating and exciting adrenalin packed activities in the world.

This is a pure rush and you'll feel it all over your body when you jump from the tall wall. Suddenly you're also a James Bond taking the leap down this extraordinary location. Once you arrive in Ticino, you'll find a range of options to get to the renowned bungee jumping site. Here operators and helpers will give you a demonstration of jumping from the wall and coming back. The safety of the experience is guaranteed and you'll receive full instructions before you make the jump.

Once you leap there is no going back! This is not an option for the faint-hearted, you will have to put aside your fears and inhibitions. Have your friends or fellow travelers take your photograph as you are rushing down the wall of the jump, as you cannot carry anything. This is another experiences worth telling your friends about!

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