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Timor-Leste Travel

Timor-Leste is a small country in Southeast Asia, located north of Australia and south of Indonesia. The nation is composed of three islands: the main island, Oekusi, and two smaller islands, Ataúru and Jaku. It used to be a part of Indonesia, but the country gained independence in 1999 and entered the new millennium as the Republic of Timor-Leste. The republic has been deemed one of the safest nations to visit in Asia and with its diverse landscape, more visitors are finding out why Timor-Leste is an excellent vacation spot.

Timor-Leste travel

The tropical climate of Timor-Leste yields both rainy and dry seasons. Travelers who visit Timor-Leste in the season from May-October will experience the dry climate. The rest of the year Timor-Leste usually experiences frequent monsoon rain storms because of the prevailing winds.

The country offers many great attractions that allure tourists and visitors. The beaches are really beautiful with the classic white sand and clear water of tropical countries. The beaches of Kom and Dili offer various activities such as snorkeling, sailing, and scuba diving. There are expert diving guides that give tours of the coral reefs and other underwater vegetation. Timor-Leste features one of the best diving spots in the world. The rest of the shores are equally beautiful, but less developed so there are minimal crowds.

Ataúru is one of the small islands of Timor-Leste. All tourists should find time to take a boat ride over to this unique Asian island. There are traditional bamboo cabins for visitors to stay in and the scuba diving is phenomenal. The most memorable experience of diving in Ataúru is the friendly dolphins that swim alongside the divers.

In the Ainaro district, there are many opportunities for exercise and hiking in beautiful mountain scenery. The other popular locations for trekking through mountainous wilderness are Mount Loelaco and Matebian Mountain.

Besides the beautiful natural landscape of the country, Timor-Leste also has architectural treasures. The cathedrals and monuments are sculpted in typical Portuguese style. Oecussi is an old Portuguese fort that is located on a hilltop in the capital of Dili. This fort dates back to the early 17 th century. Along the beach front there are several old villas that are picturesque and this walkway is the perfect setting for a morning or evening stroll.

The State Museum that was erected in 1995 helps visitors understand the cultural and historical background to the Republic of Timor-Leste. It features prominent displays of crafts, wooden carvings, paintings, and other artwork made in the country. The museum also gives an explanation of the country's history and road to independence.

Timor-Leste is a rich and diverse country. There are several different ethnic and religious cultures living in this small nation. Visitors to Timor-Leste will find endless fascination among the traditions and celebrations of the people, diving off its shores, or trekking through its mountains.

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