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Togo is a nation in West Africa and is the place for vacationers, adventurers, and lovers of African culture. There are prestigious beaches that tourists come to relax on. Togo also offers great adventure opportunities such as hiking and exploring the terrain.

The weather in Togo varies throughout the scope of the country. For example, in the north the weather tends to presents arid, desert-like weather, while the south has more of a tropical climate. Also, the south experiences the brunt of Togo 's rainy seasons. There are two rainy seasons in Togo . The first rainy season is from May through June followed by a dry season until October when the second rainy season begins. The driest time of year is in the first half of the year.

Lomé is the capital of Togo and is situated on the Gulf of Guinea . This prime location has an alluring beach that attracts many visitors. Lom é is the main port city in Togo and it has, by far, the most tourist options in the country. There are a few traditional markets in the city such as the Grand Market and the Voodoo Market. Here tourists can buy handmade crafts, food, and other souvenirs. The Grand Market is busy and lively. Shoppers can negotiate prices with the shopkeepers over items such as soccer jerseys, drums, wax cloth, or traditional food. The Togo National Museum is also located in Lom é and it details the various events in Togo 's history. The city gives a sense of the vivid culture in Togo and the white beaches are exquisite.

Togo Travel

Another must-see attraction in Togo is the Tamberma Valley . This valley is located in northern Togo and consists of village clusters. The Tamberma valley has several fortified towers among the villages. All the towers are connected by walls. This sturdy structure boasts of a time when they defended the inhabitants against invading armies. Visitors to the villages will be able to see the local people working on their handmade crafts or cooking traditional meals.

A passport and visa are required to access Togo , as well as a current Yellow Fever vaccination. It is recommended for travelers to carry copies of their vaccination, passport, and visa with them at all times, while the originals can be stowed away in their hotel rooms or in their luggage. From time to time police officials may ask to see these documents. The beautiful beaches are popular stops for tourists, but lately it has become pertinent to keep a sharp eye on belongings, as thievery is not uncommon. As long as travelers stay aware of their surroundings, stay inside after dark, and use some common sense they should have an enjoyable and safe trip to Togo.

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