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Tonga 's history has a mix of Dutch and British influence; but what makes this South Pacific Island stand out is her beautiful beaches, sandy and white. Swimmers and surfers would enjoy using Niutona Beach . There are other islands that are great sites for these activities. For example, Ha' apai and Vava'u islands and island of Eua.

Tonga travel

Tonga is a beautiful cluster of islands in the South Pacific. This haven of tropical paradise enjoys warm weather throughout the year with the cool wind from the surrounding waves offering a refreshing contrast to the humidity. The Kingdom of Tonga experiences heavier rainfall from October through April, so travelers should bring proper rain gear if visiting during this time.

The people who inhabit the archipelago are largely Peloponnesian. This people group has resided in the kingdom for probably about three thousand years. There are European residents as well as a result of the Dutch and British explorers who also discovered the island. They speak predominantly Tongan, but most people can speak English as well. Furthermore, only thirty-six of the 150 islands are inhabited and offer accommodation to visitors.

The laid-back island atmosphere underneath the warm tropical sun is an invigorating attraction to the island. However, there are several other activities and attractions besides relaxing on the sand to entertain tourists in Tonga.

First of all, there is a group of islands called the Vava'u islands that are part of the kingdom of Tonga . These beautiful islands are made of limestone and the waterways that divide them can be explored by a glass bottom boat, fishing boat, scuba diving, or snorkeling. The intricate caves, delicate coral reefs, and large variety of fish are really best experienced by scuba diving or snorkeling. The must see locations in the Vava'u islands are the Coral gardens, Mariner's Cave, and the Port Mourelle Beach .

For an excellent taste of culture, don't miss a Tongan traditional feast. These are large gatherings in the evenings that involve large quantities of Tongan cuisine and vivacious dancing. The feast includes a pig that is cooked in an oven that is built into the ground. The pig is covered with spices and cooked with vegetables, spices, and other meats.

Another key attraction in the Kingdom of Tonga is the Mapu'a ‘a Vaca Blowholes. These blowholes are tremendous natural geysers. For a truly spectacular sight, visit them at high tide when the most amount of water is pushed through the limestone rock. They are located on the island of Tongatapu on the Southside.

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