Travel Insurance


Waving aside the option is the first instinct for most people at the mention of the word travel insurance. When it comes to planning a trip, travel insurance should be a top priority. Most travel agents will provide you with insurance details as part of the package while others will simple recommend you to a good insurer. Regardless of the method, you use to ensure two things: you are covered and you buy travel insurance from a reputable company or contact.


Travel insurance

Travel insurance is inclusive of various factors other than your trip. It covers emergencies such as trip cancellation, theft, sickness and calamities. The type of insurance you get depends on what coverage you want but the following is the basic areas to check.

Cancellation of flight by the airline, theft of your money and passport whilst in a foreign country, involvement in an accident, your default of the flight, covering nonrefundable expenses in the event of an emergency, falling sick whilst on the trip, a calamity such as a tsunami and terrorist activity.

Not all of the above-mentioned coverage will be included in all policies so choose what items are of the greatest concern to you. Confirm with your insurance company back home to get if they have an affiliate in the country of your trip or if your policy can cover some item though the chances are slim.

Despite the obvious benefits of buying insurance, employ wisdom when purchasing a policy as some can be unnecessary. Consider mainly trip interruption, health insurance baggage and nonrefundable insurance.

We have had some horror stories of people not having travel insurance and ending up with huge bills. The worst place for that to happen is in the USA where medical costs are very high.

Choose only what is important and secure your life and property as you travel. You cannot place a price tag on your peace of mind as you travel. Enjoy taking photos of historic sites and exotic locations knowing that no matter what comes your way you are safe.


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