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Isn't it amazing to look back only 20 years and see how much technology has evolved since then? Some of us actually have a hard time remembering how they lead their lives without the internet and mobile phones. Travel technology is no exception, the tools available to tourists are developing rapidly and the gadgets keep getting groovier and groovier.

Travellers are already used to sophisticated internet applications that present suitable hotel offers and the cheapest airfares within seconds of entering your search. There is no more need to involve a travel agency, making all arrangements for a perfect trip is becoming easier and easier thanks to innovations such as online airline seat allocation, electric check-ins at airports, quick check-outs in hotels, SMS travel confirmations and city map downloads to mobile phones.

Watch out, this is just the beginning. Imagine getting onto your plane in a matter of minutes using fingerprint identification at check-in as well as biometric passports and iris recognition at immigration. Once you arrive at your destination, your mobile phone software assistant will guide you to your hotel where you will be checked in within seconds using your biometric identification. When you're freshened up your mobile phone will be ready with several proposals for dinner and entertainment - and it will allow you to hook up easily with like-minded travellers and locals. What a wonderful new tech travel world…

This is not just the tune of the future, all of these innovations are already available and being tested in live tourism environments. There are also a multitude of new travel gadgets becoming available, such as a foldable cloth ovens, amazing GPS devices, virtual laser keyboards and truly global cell phones. Travelling is so much more fun thanks to all this new technology!

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