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Travel Trends

Accommodation trends

Travel trends


Trends in world accommodation

environmental tourism

Environmental tourism
Ecotourism and minimal impact

butler service

Butler service
Accommodation with real style

golf toursim

Golf tourism
Golf holidays and courses


The name for luxury camping

plastic surgery tourism

Plastic surgery tourism
Low cost plastic surgery

no frills

No frills
Keeping it cheap and functional

travel technology

Travel technology
The latest travel trends

underwater vilals

Underwater hotels
Sleep under the ocean

writers festival

Writers festival
Books as part of the holiday

art hotels

Art hotels
Where design is the main feature

food tourism

Food tourism
Good food and wines

design hotels

Design hotels
Where designers influence hotels

kick off tourism

Kick off tourism
Team sport travel


Lush and full of everything

space travel

Space travel
The last frontier to reach

overrwater vilals

Overwater villas
Sleep above the waves

volunteer tourism

Volunteer tourism
Helping others



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