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Trinidad and Tobago is the southern most Caribbean Islands which are located north of the Venezuelan coast line. The islands have a land mass of 300 square kilometers and a population of 1,102,096. The island is tropical and has an annual rainfall of 3048mm. The islands are not the traditional tourist islands of the Caribbean and rely upon oil and petrol for their national income. The islands are known for violence and visitors to the islands are urged to take care and not travel alone.

Trinidad travel

Visitors to Trinidad and Tobago generally arrive at the Piarco International Airport which is situated near Trincity and St. Helena . Other visitors also arrive by taking the ferry from Guiria Port in Venezuela which is serviced each Wednesday. Transportation throughout the island is limited to public transport as visitors are discouraged from driving on the island.

The most popular transportation method is by private taxi's which visitors can locate at the frequent taxi stands which are housed on most street corners. Taxi travel in Trinidad and Tobago is unique from what is encountered in western countries, taxi drivers will not leave with you until the taxi is filled with other passengers. Taxi fares are fixed so the driver will advise you of the cost before you depart.

For visitors who travel to Trinidad and Tobago there are a number of sights to visit including:

ASA Wright Nature Centre – Famed for being the best bird watching location throughout the world, the ASA Wright Nature Centre is home to a large number of tropical birds and lizards which are not found anywhere else in the world.

Trinidad travel

Mount Saint Benedict – Located in the northern ranges of Arime, the Catholic Monastery is populated by an active Benedictine Monk population who invite visitors to come along and purchase their traditional meals and cakes.

With a significant Indian population Trinidad and Tobago is known for its rich Indian cuisines which it has to offer on traditional street carts. Many visitors to the island are also impressed by the Shark Bake meals which are also purchased from street carts. The Shark Bake is comprised of a Shark Steak baked inside of fried bread and considered locally as a delicacy.

Lying in the southern Caribbean just off from the Venezuelan coast, The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is a fusion of tropical cultures and lavish landscapes. This oil-rich nation is the home of Calypso music, limbo dancing, and steelpan drums. Few places in the world have such abundant resources intertwined with pristine Caribbean beauty.

Surrounded by splendid emerald hills and swaying palm trees, the Port of Spain, Trinidad's capital city, is a throbbing cosmopolitan hub of commerce and culture. Contemporary skyscrapers sculpt the cityscape with the help of unique mosques, cathedrals, and monuments. Frederick Street is the popular upscale shopping district where you can numerous shops, markets, bazaars, and boutiques offering everything from local handicrafts to elite fashion designs. All along Ariapita Avenue, the entertainment heart of Port of Spain, you can find innumerable nightclubs, dance halls, and restaurants serving up local favorites.

Theater and dramatic performances can be enjoyed at Queen's Hall, The Little Carib, and The Central Bank Auditorium. For local beauty, check out the Royal Botanic Gardens that are the oldest such gardens in the world. Be sure to see Stollmeyer's Castle, which was inspired by the famed Bavarian Balmoral Castle. The Emperor Valley Zoo houses more than 2000 captivating creatures. For sports fans, Cricket is the sport of choice here, and Port of Spain offers many facilities for getting into the game including the Jean Pierre Complex, Hasely Crawford Stadium, Queen's Park Oval, and Queen's Park Savannah.

Outside the city, you can witness the awesome marvel of Pitch Lake, which is a massive asphalt lake in a constant state of replenishment. Like the La Brea Tar Pits, Pitch Lake is the final resting place for many prehistoric animals.

The tropical waters of Trinidad attract fishermen in droves due to the abundance of big game fishlike Tuna, Marlin, Shark, and Tarpon. With its sterling reputation among fishermen, Trinidad host many international fishing tournaments, among them the Tarpon Bash, the Kingfish Tournament, and the Wahoo Tournament.

Tobago, the sun-kissed northeastern island, is considered the best Eco-Destination in the world. Within its 116 square miles, you can find over 200 species of birds. It is an absolute honeypot for divers and snorkellers boasting more than 300 species of South Atlantic corals and over 600 fish species. It is famed for its drift dives and the exceptional Nylon Pool, which is a shallow waterbed in the center of Buccoo Reef.

Getting around Trinidad and Tobago is simple with an extensive and well-developed modern bus system, affordable taxis, and frequent ferries. The official language is English and the locals are some the friendliest people you will meet in your travels. It is an absolutely incredible tropical destination that is suitable to visit year round. Just be sure to bring your sun tan lotion!

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