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Turkmenistan is an Independent Republic in Central Asia. This former Soviet Republic has a history of fluctuating governmental rule. Previously, Turkmenistan was part of the Persian Empire and was later conquered by Genghis Khan. His authority was eventually replaced by the Uzbek rule two centuries later. In 1925, the nation became a Soviet Republic and it was not until 1990 when Turkmenistan declared itself as an Independent State. Even though it has its own sovereignty, the leader of Turkmenistan exerts an immense amount of power and propaganda over the people who as a nation are quite poor.

With such a long history and interwoven people groups, Turkmenistan 's artifacts and diversity consistently draw visitors. Today the culture of the nation is unique and vibrant against the dusty backdrop of the country side. The Tolkuchka Bazaar is a must-see in the nation. The people gather in this market to display their trades and crafts. There is excellent traditional food to choose from and brilliant carpets that are reminiscent of the Persian empire that used to occupy the land.

Besides the historical setting, Turkmenistan offers visitors excellent scenery. Spring and autumn are the most pleasant times to visit Turkmenistan because the other seasons are oppressive extremes. Also, the natural scenery is enhanced during these seasons with bright colors. Caspian Sea borders the nation, and Turkmenistan is the neighbor to Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Iran.

Turkmenistan is famous for the Karakum Desert . This vast desert is one of the largest in the world. The desert is not void of life. In fact, there are several desert communities that dwell in the sandy region. The Karakum Desert is essential to see because it gives visitors a cultural experience. The communities each have crafts and displays of talents such as wood carvings, artwork, hand woven rugs, and other trades. Tourists that stay over night in the desert will experience the cool relief of evening in a chaikhana. The communities are usually quite welcoming to foreigners. Also, in the Karakum Desert visitors will see the Darvasa Gas Centers. These huge craters are set on fire at night and people can set up camp nearby. These Gas Craters should not be missed as they are unique to Turkmenistan.

In the Kugitangtau Mountains , look for the Kugitant Nature Reserve. This reserve promotes the landscape of these mountains and protects endangered wildlife. This includes Turkmenistan 's unique species of goat, the Capra falconeri. The view from this nature reserve is fantastic because one can see the Aira Baba mountain peak which is the highest in the nation. There are opportunities to tour the area while riding a donkey and there are several caves carved out in the side of the mountains.

Permits are necessary when crossing Turkmenistan 's borders, as well as a visa and passport. Also, it is unwise to attempt to stay near or cross the border into Afghanistan . There is a huge risk of land mines and the security situation is somewhat volatile.

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