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According to United Nations, Tuvalu is classified as one of the underdeveloped countries. And it is the second-tiniest country in the world. The capital of Tuvalu is Funafuti: and it is a very busy place because most activities for the tourists are carried out there and tourists flock there in great numbers. For example, Funafuti Lagoon offers opportunities for exciting swimming and kayaking. Divers would happily explore the amazing species of marine creatures underwater.

It is an interesting fact that the second largest island, Funafala, provides several pleasurable locations of interest: Visitors could go shopping at some shops there and buy art crafts, hand-made materials and local baskets; they could go on sightseeing to have a look at some traditional buildings that are adorned with thatched roofs. These buildings offer explanations for the series of civilizations Tuvalu had gone through.

Funafuti Marine Conservation Area was established to preserve many species of marine lives and birds. These include topical fish and sea birds. There are tours to and from the Marine Conversation Area that could be arranged with the local tour operators or the hotel owners.

Visitors could enjoy game fishing with rented boats or ships. They could participate in watersports, and take an excursion across the Funafuti Lagoon to have a clear view of the coastline lined with trees and other greenery.

Visitors could go to Philatelic Bureau, where they could buy special stamps: whether they are stamp collectors or not. These stamps could be used as precious souvenirs.

Tuvalu Travel

Tuvalu 's University of the south Pacific offers insights to education system prevalent in the country. And some books on history, culture, fashion and political system of Tuvalu are always on sale: they could be cheaply obtained.

The entertainment in Tuvalu is warm and interesting: Visitors could pass time watching kilikiti, a cricket-like traditional sport. Also, te ano, a ball-game fashioned after volleyball is an exciting sport no one should miss. Besides dancing, singing and religious activities, Tuvalu brimmed with cultural display, both in the people's fashion, language and hospitality.

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