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Uganda can be reached by air using the Entebbe International Airport, which is 22 miles from the capital - Kampala.

However, the nearby Kenyan capital of Nairobi is used as a gateway to East Africa by most European and North American flights. After landing in Nairobi, one can take a bus to reach Kampala, Uganda. Buses can take 12 – 14 hours and operate on a daily basis. The other inland routes to enter Kampala are through Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo and Sudan. However, due to political unrest, Congo and Sudan are generally not recommended.

There are several things that you may want to see in Uganda and depending on the type of person you are, there are several options. For people who love bird watching, there is an option to explore more than three hundred bird species in a small period of time; for hiking lovers there are exotic treks that await you and if you want to blend with nature there are plenty of camping sites too.

Uganda Travel


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