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In the UK hotels come in a variety of budget ranges and styles, so there is something for everyone. From the major hotel chains which will be familiar to most travellers to the unique boutique properties, no matter which part of the country the visitor is in, there will be top quality accommodation available. Even the budget chains have established a strong reputation for quality.

Cities such as London and Manchester are filled with luxury hotels and boutique properties as well as the budget chains which are designed for those taking a short break. When visiting the countryside, UK hotels range from the country house properties and converted castles to the bed and breakfast establishments. It should be noted that there are many UK hotels which are now fully non-smoking, although some of the larger properties may have rooms which are reserved for smokers. Smoking is forbidden in all public areas so smokers have to go outside for a cigarette when spending time in hotel bars, restaurants or other common areas.

Most UK hotels take a range of debit and credit cards for payment but there may be some smaller establishments that will be happier with cash. Personal cheques are no longer widely accepted, so it is a good idea to call ahead to find out the establishment's preferred method of payment. Those who need to exchange currency can generally do so at one of the larger hotels in the cities, but smaller UK hotels and those out in the countryside are less likely to offer this service.

Staff in UK hotels do not expect a tip, but if guests do choose to leave a tip then it will be appreciated. Some hotels may add a service charge to the bill, but if guests want to tip then they can specify the amount and this can be added.

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