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Ukraine is now enjoying its freedom as a Constitutional Republic after gaining its independence from the Soviet Union. Today this country in Eastern Europe is an excellent location for exploring historical monuments and elegant buildings. Ukraine also has alluring outdoor activities in all seasons. The weather varies from very hot summers to chilling winters.

Ukraine Travel

Historical treasures are on display in the exquisite St. Sophia Cathedral and Monastery. This structure is located in the nation's capital, Kyiv. It has both a religious and historical significance. This was a central location for Soviet Russia, but it dates back to around the eleventh century. It is an excellent location to learn about the nation's history as there are mosaics, art work, and pieces of graffiti that tell of the various political times this building has survived.

Also in Kyiv is the great World War II museum. Artifacts are on display here inside a building built in the Soviet style. The museum is guarded by the huge Motherland statue and tanks with flowers painted on them. There is also a memorial set up to honor those who died during the war.

To relax from a day's history lessons, the Ukrainian Art Museum is a vivid taste of the talent and culture of Ukraine . The Art Museum is located in the Opera House in Kyiv. Art from the 16 th century through the present day can be seen in this museum. Furthermore, for a more extensive look, the National Historical Museum is also located in the Opera House.

In 1051, a monk named Anthony settled in a cave on the outskirts of Kyiv. Here he devoted his life to prayer and was joined by several other monks with the same desire. Their group began to outgrow this cave, and a monastery was formed. Today, this Caves Monastery is an essential location to visit. The entrance to the caves is free and there are relics and art work on the walls of the caves and in the catacombs. The monastery is still active today.

UKraine travel

The summers in Ukraine offer beautiful scenery and warm beaches for travelers and locals. The Carpathian Mountains are great in the summer because they offer relief from the hot weather and they have excellent hiking paths. It is the perfect location for a picnic and for lots of pictures. The Carpathian National Park is located here and is a protected area. There are several species of wildlife that live in this area, such as the lynx, bear, wolf and deer. For the more adventurous, prepare to climb Mt. Hoverla, Ukraine 's highest mountain. Also, summertime affords travelers with trips to the Black Sea Coast . This shore is beautiful, yet somewhat crowded in the warm months.

In the winter months, the best way to cope with the crisp, cold weather is skiing in the Carpathian Mountains . This is a popular location, so it is necessary to plan accommodation far in advance, but it is well worth the extra investment. Ukraine offers one of the best skiing districts in Europe. Ukraine is an excellent location for travelers because it is a historical and beautiful country. Tourists will be impressed with the wide range of activities and the educational elements in the country.

A wealth of beauty and treasures awaits the tourist. Whether you want to dip into the hectic pace of life in Kyiv, enjoy the country's myriad landscapes, or have some fun in the sun on Arcadia Beach, there's something for everyone. Ukraine is located in eastern Europe, and it's the second largest country on the continent. It gained independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Kyiv is the country's capital, with a pulsating nightlife that's truly for hardened party people. There are so many late night bars and cafes that you'll be spoilt for choice. The city also has many cultural gems on offer, such as its oldest church, St. Sophia's Cathedral, that was built in 1037. St. Michael's Monastery is an arresting sight with its glossy golden domes.

The city of Odessa on the shores of the Black Sea is a really popular tourist haunt. There are many places to visit including the Tolstoy Palace, Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre, as well as a number of museums dedicated to local folklore. A short car journey from here will take you to Arcadia Beach. As well as the sea and sand, there are lots of cafes and entertainment, including water slides.

One of the country's most impressive sites is the natural grandeur of the Carpathian Mountains. It's a popular destination for hikers and skiers.

Kyiv is linked by air to most major European destinations, and by rail to several other countries. There are also ferry routes operating from Odesa and Yalta to ports around the Black Sea and Mediterranean. Most journeys between cities are done by train.

The climate is temperate with rainy autumns and winters. Winters in the west are generally milder than in the east, but in the summer the east experiences hotter temperatures. The climate is subtropical on the Crimean Peninsula.

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