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Uruguay Travel

Uruguay is a small country in South America located between Brazil and Argentina . It also is bordered by the Rio de la Plata . This river has left beautiful landscape along the West side of Uruguay. This small country has gorgeous beaches that are enjoyed by many South Americans and several other travelers who have discovered its beauty.

Uruguay Travel

The country has many alluring features that are essential to see for visitors. For an urban feel, visit Montevideo, the nation's capital. Although Montevideo is pulsing with city life, there are several historical venues for tourists to visit. First of all, the Ciudad Vieja shows antique buildings and evidences of a slower way of life. Plaza Independencia is the town square and is an excellent location to relax for awhile, have a meal, or take a picture of the statues in the center. The National History Museum is free in Montevideo and presents Uruguay 's historical background.

Any visit to Uruguay should include a visit to Casa Pueblo. This historic home was built with astounding artistry by Carlos Páez Vilaró. The home does not have any right angles in it, so it shows great ingenuity. There is a film on the life of the artist and how he created this house. Tourists can also lounge at the bar after touring the building.

Uruguay is a mountainous region and any hiker will love the peaks that the nation has to offer. Cerro Pan de Azúcar is one of the nation's highest mountains and there is a scenic hike up to the summit. Visitors can also clearly observe the giant cross that marks the top.

The people of Uruguay are warm and friendly. They typically greet each other with a kiss on the right cheek. Dancing is a cultural custom, so whenever tourists participate in the vibrant nightlife of Uruguay they can see the locals' talent in the realm of tango. Visiting a soccer game is another way to participate in the country's culture.

Uruguay is an excellent introduction to South America for any tourist. The nation offers a warm and hospitable cultural experience. Also, with hiking, adventure, relaxing on the shore, and delicious traditional food, visitors will want to come back again and again.

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