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When staying in the USA hotels are plentiful. Every town and city will have accommodation to offer the tourist so there is something for every taste and budget. A number of the world's top hospitality companies have many USA hotels so there will be familiar brands in all the major cities.

Rates vary across the different USA hotels and it is a good idea to check in advance if the rates quoted are per room or per person. Rates per room are often much better value when travelling as a couple or family. There are also varying rates applied for people of different ages. Rates for children are applied to those who are aged 12 and under. Those who are over the age of 65 will qualify for senior rates. However, this is a general guideline and it is a good idea to check with the individual hotel to find out their policy.

There are very few USA hotels which will not accept credit cards, but the cards that they take will differ for each establishment. Again, it is a good idea to check with the hotel to find out which payment methods it is happy to take. As a general rule, the larger hotels in the cities will accept most types of credit card.

The tipping of staff is a custom when staying in USA hotels. This applies to the valet who brings the car out of the parking lot with a tip of up to $5 and bellhops who are generally tipped per bag at an average rate of $2. Maids can be tipped between $1 and $5 each day, and it is recommended that this is a daily tip as the maid that cleans the room may be different each day. Concierges do not expect a tip, but if they manage to get tickets for a sold-out show or event then it is a good idea to reward them.

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