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The United States Virgin Islands are made up of the three islands, St. Croix, St. John , and St. Thomas and internationally known for emerald coloured water and bright coral reefs.

United States Virgin Islands Travel

The islands have a joint population of 119,827 people all living within the 352 square kilometres of land mass. The sub tropical islands main economic industry is tourism which it mainly caters for outside of the rain season which is between May and November. 70 percent of all residents are employed within the tourism industry especially with the recent advent of casino's on the islands.

As a known country for off shore banking a report was conducted into the financial activities of the island in 200 which found that the current laws of the island contributed to money laundering. Many rich and famous visitors travel to the island every year to take advantage of the flexible financial arrangements that the islands banks offer overseas customers.

The temperatures in the United States Virgin Islands remain similar throughout the year with temperatures ranging from 25C in winter to 28C in summer. With the daily trade winds blowing throughout the islands the humidity is low and during the rain season the island experiences regular downpours which are known to hamper visitors relaxing on the beaches.

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