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Uzbekistan Travel

The ancient country of Uzbekistan is located on the famous Silk Road . This road was used as a trade route between various places of power in Asia . The road was named for the most famous item of trade between the locations, silk. Today, the country shows the remnants of previous civilizations preserved through antique buildings and structures. The kingdoms that named Uzbekistan as their place of power included the Greek, Baktrian, and Kushan peoples; furthermore, Alexander the Great led his conquering army through this nation.

Uzbekistan travel

Uzbekistan enjoys a wide range of temperatures, so travelers should check weather forecasts in the specific location they are visiting before packing for the trip. At night the temperatures are quite cooler, and the mountainous regions have lower temperatures than the arid desert. Perhaps the best time to visit is intermittent with the extremes of summer and winter. Spring is from May to June, while autumn is pleasant from the end of October through November.

Khiva is a historical city that contains excellent museums, mosques, and other sites. The city has been occupied for over nine hundred years. There are designated historical museums set in artistic buildings that give essential background to this unique country. There are several mosques, shrines, and tombs that can be toured as well. These display typical Islamic architecture. Khiva is an important city to visit when touring Uzbekistan .

Uzbekistan Travel

Another essential location to visit is Bukhara. This city has religious significance for Muslims in the nation. It was originally settled by Muslim explorers and later conquered by Genghis Khan in the early thirteenth century. There are traditional open markets where tourists can buy souvenirs and participate in local culture. There are historical medressas, impressive fortresses, and active mosques.

An example of beautiful and creative architecture is carved into the monuments in Samarkand. This is the oldest city in the country and its buildings feature antique mosaics. The great condition of these structures today boasts of their builders' craftsmanship. There are a few precautions to be award of when traveling in Uzbekistan. When traveling anywhere it is important for travelers to be aware of their surroundings, to keep an eye on their belongings, and to be wary of local scams.

Also, it is common for police in Uzbekistan to ask for a traveler's documents. It is wise to keep a color copy of all visas and passports, so that visitors will be able to show these documents to inquiring officers. Sometimes, young people who have studied English in the West desire to be an interpreter for travelers. Tourists should find out the background of these locals and how much they want to charge for their services before accepting any assistance. By taking these precautions and using some common sense, tourists should have an exciting time visiting this historical country.

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